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Which additives should not be added in food
May 18, 2018

In the green food production, processing, A-class, AA-level products depending on the product itself or the needs of production, can use food additives, in AA grade green food only allow the use of natural food additives, not allowed to use artificial chemical synthesis of food additives, Synthetic food additives can be used in a class of green food, but the following products shall not be used: 

(1) Ferrous potassium Cyanide

(2) 4-hexyl resorcinol

(3) sulfur 

(4) aluminum sulfate 

(5) Ammonium sulfate

(6) Reddish moss red 

(7) Red Moss aluminum color ingot 

(8) New Red 

(9) New red aluminum color ingot 

(10) Titanium dioxide 

( 11) Caramel Caramel (ammonium sulfite method). Ammonia production

(12) Sodium Sulfate (potassium)

(13) sodium nitrite (potassium)

(14) Division 80

(15) Division plate 40

(16) Division 20 

(17) Tween 80

(18) TWAIN 20 

(19) Tween 40 

(20) Benzoyl peroxide

(21) potassium bromate

(22) benzoic acid

(23) Sodium benzoate

(24) b Oxygen based Quinoline

(25) Sec-Amine


(27)-phenyl imidazole

(28) hydrogen peroxide (or over sodium carbonate)

(29) Ethyl Naphthol

(30) biphenyl ether

(31) 2-phenyl phenol sodium salt

(32) 4-phenyl phenol

(33) Glutaraldehyde

(34) New Jie

(35) 2, 4-two chloro-acetic acid 

(36) Saccharin Sodium

(37) Cyclic ethyl amino sulfonic acid sodium salt.

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